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Where To Buy Acropolis Athens Tickets ?



You can buy your Acropolis tickets online or at the ticket office on the site. If you decide to purchase your Acropolis at the entrance, be prepared for the long waiting lines.



Buying your Acropolis tickets online in advance is more convenient and stress-free. We recommend you purchase your tickets for the Acropolis online. That way, you will avoid long waiting lines at the entrance and ticket office in front of the site.

By purchasing your ticket in advance, you’ll have a priority entry. So, buy your Acropolis skip-the-line ticket online and have a carefree visit!

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How does Acropolis skip-the-line ticket work?

To uphold a skip-the-line Acropolis ticket, you need to buy your ticket online. Buying an Acropolis skip-the-line ticket is definitely worth it because this type of ticket will let you save a lot of time, and you’ll avoid waiting in lines for hours.

With this ticket, you’ll be able to visit the Parthenon temple, the Temple of Olympian Zeus on the south slope, the Theatre of Dionysus, and other archeological sites on Acropolis Hill. You will have a priority entrance and avoid all of the crowds and waiting queues.

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How to choose the best Acropolis ticket for you?

When you visit a famous monument like the Acropolis Hill in the city of Athens, choosing the best ticket option can be quite confusing and challenging. That’s why we hand-picked and put together the best ticket options available online.

Have a look and choose what suits you the best! Pick between Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, or even a combined ticket, and explore one of the world’s most famous monuments at your oen pace.

Acropolis Tickets Overview

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Visitors that have skip-the-line tickets have to go through security checks as well, like any other visitor and have their bags scanned before entering the Parthenon. Expect a bit of waiting in the security-check line. But do not fear, this line is much shorter and faster than the ticket counter.

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Hand-Picked Acropolis Tickets 2023

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FAQ – Acropolis Tickets

How much is a ticket to see the Acropolis?

A standard skip-the-line ticket for the Acropolis costs around 20 to 25 euros. We certainly recommend buying a ticket with skip-the-line access. Even if it costs a bit more than the ticket you would buy on the spot at the Acropolis ticket office, it will be worth it.

Are the Parthenon and Acropolis the same thing?

No, they are not the same. The Acropolis of Athens is a high hill, and the Parthenon is an ancient temple located on the Acropolis.

Can you see the Acropolis for free?

You can visit Acropolis for free on certain public holidays and other selected days. Entrance to the monument is free every first Sunday of the month – from the 1st of November to the 31st of March. But usually need to buy a ticket to visit the Acropolis of Athens.

How long does it take to see the Acropolis?

It depends on the ticket or tour you purchase. But a usual tour of the Acropolis of Athens takes about one hour and 30 minutes. If you decide to visit multiple museums located on the Acropolis, your visit can last for three or more hours.

How hard is the walk up to the Acropolis?

It is not that hard, but you need to be careful walking up to the Acropolis because the steps tend to be very slippery and lumpy. This is because, over the centuries, the stone warned out. That’s why we recommend you walk carefully up to the Acropolis and wear some comfortable and safe shoes for climbing on such terrains.

What should I wear to the Acropolis?

Wear something comfortable when you go to visit the Acropolis. We recommend wearing casual clothes you’re comfortable with because you’ll be walking and sightseeing. The most important thing to remember is to wear a comfortable pair of hiking shoes because the stone at the Acropolis and around the Parthenon can be very slippery.

Can you buy tickets for the Acropolis online?

Yes! It’s actually highly recommended you buy your Parthenon ticket online to avoid waiting around in long lines at the entrance to the Acropolis.

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